Maggie is a lifestyle and documentary photographer. She has an engineering degree and an MBA and worked in finance for over 12 years before formally starting her business - Maggie Devereux Photography. Maggie has donated her talents by contributing to select photos in support of GRAYSON'S GRATITUDE.

Their passion for paper began in childhood scribbling in diaries, passing notes in class, and coveting their parents’ special stationery. They bring back the style and art of the hand-written word, especially in this digital age. With an array of colourful stationary, these original designs are created by local artists, and incorporate the modern and cheery colour selection. There is a personal touch to all of their curated pieces. Printed Matter has donated stationery in support of GRAYSON'S GRATITUDE.

Various Keytags is an online store for design-minded people who enjoy organization, happiness, and fun. 
They supported the design of the key ring for GRAYSON'S GRATITUDE.

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There are nearly 8 billion people in the world. It takes one person to change it. 
Eight by One is a company that gives back. We have collaborated with them to create the Gratitude and the Whirling bracelets. A portion of the proceeds for each purchase will be donated to GRAYSON'S GRATITUDE.

Pure Balanxed

With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Alex Smith is committed to changing the world. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Grant Manager, and we’re so happy to have Alex Smith as part of the Grayson's Gratitude team.

Leanna, a long-time friend of the Boddys, is also grateful for the care she received at Sick Kids as a child. A lawyer, with a degree in chemical engineering, and a self-declared "Jack of all Trades", Leanna supported the design of the website in support of GRAYSON'S GRATITUDE.

Urban Blueprint

The Cody Family

Bill + Bev Welsh

Farhan + Erika Thawer

Firoz + Shamim Ismail

Shawna Pereira


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